Your Paintbrush Loan can be used for any commercial purposes: payroll, marketing, research and development, inventory, insurance, lease, software bills, etc. You know your business and what expenses will drive outcomes, so put that money to work at your company!

The funds from a Paintbrush Loan cannot be used for personal expenses (or illegal activities, although we don't think we need to tell you that one).

Types of businesses supported

  • Software: This is one of the best use cases, since they tend to have a rapid time to be able to build a proof of concept and get to market.

  • Physical product innovation (hardware or other goods): Proceeds from your loan could be used to help file a patent application, order parts, build a website, or even market the invention.

  • Consumer goods: If you create awesome things people enjoy, great!

  • Local business: Whether it's a flower shop, nail salon, or a window washing business, we're here to support you in getting retail space, operating licenses, or whatever else. We think of local businesses as any business that has a physical presence in the community—even if ends up being a national brand.

  • Ecommerce/dropshipping: You can use your funds to order inventory, pay for marketing campaigns, develop new products, or any of the other million things an ecommerce team needs to grow and succeed.

  • Consulting: Going to start gathering your own design or marketing clients rather than working for a company on your own? Not only do we applaud your efforts, but let us know what you're doing—a lot of our founders may have need of services like yours!

  • Side gigs: We believe in partnering with great companies at whatever stage makes sense. You don't have to quit your day job in order to receive a Paintbrush Loan.

Businesses not supported (right now):

  • Bio/health/pharma/life science innovations: Unfortunately the cycle for these types of companies tends to be several years long, and our loan won't quite put a dent in it. There are private and government grants that tend to be a better fit for this type of research and development.

  • Content creation: With today's broad variety of platforms available, you can start creating content for free almost anywhere.

  • Financial and money service businesses: This includes but is not limited to banks, payday lending, pawn shops, check cashing, bail bondsmen, currency exchanges and other money transfer businesses (including virtual currency providers, exchangers or administrators), third-party payment processors, and credit restoration businesses.

  • Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs): for example, insurance companies, investment firms, pension or mutual funds, brokers or broker-dealers, and financial advisors.

  • Casinos and gambling: including casinos, internet cafes, online betting enterprises, and other gambling-related enterprises.

  • Marijuana and tobacco businesses: including vape shops, e-cigarettes, and any other paraphernalia, etc.

  • Adult entertainment, goods and/or services: there are a lot of great platforms out there to support this industry, but unfortunately we can't help in this area right now.

  • Construction and real estate: including real estate financing and management businesses, including those where the majority of business assets or loan collateral are in the form of real estate.

  • Trucking/Transportation and Warehousing

  • Motor Vehicles and Parts Dealers

  • Restaurants

  • Publicly traded companies

  • Government entities: including municipal and local government entities.

  • Charities: including non-profits and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

  • Bearer share companies: including other entities where business ownership is not known or cannot be established with certainty.

Don’t forget to tell your Customer Success Manager what you’re working on— not only do we love to hear about fellow founders’ journeys, but we also look for opportunities to help out along the way, including providing research, resources, and support to help your company be a success.

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